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Cord mess.
Ever wondered why your earphones can't seem to stop making out with your keys, with the head-set to your phone or even with itself? Well as a matter of fact, it has more to do with dull science than with passionate love. According to the mathematicians, the tangle phenomenon is closely related to so called Tangle Theory, an under category of Knot Theory. Most likely, it has also something to do with Chaos Theory - sounds reasonable considering how the cord tangle looks and how it feels in your brain when sorting it out. The solution to this advanced scientific problem is *cordctrl [cord control], a Swedish invention totally dedicated to helping you avoid this irritating phenomenon. Simply wrap your headphone cord around the *cordctrl and lock it at both ends by sliding the cord into the slots. Works with your iPod / iPhone headphones and any other cords of similar dimensions.

cord mess

You pick up your iPhone to enjoy some music on your way to work but instead you are confronted with this depressing phenomenon.

The typical scene.

This is pretty much what the scientists think Tangle Theory looks like, the mathematical explanation to your messy cord tangle (source: wikipedia)

Simply wrap the headphones cord around your *cordctrl and lock it at both ends by sliding the cord into the slots. When you want to use your pod, you just release the headphones cord from the slot, role it out and lock it again at a desirable length.

This is what the packaging of *cordctrl looks like. Transparent and subdued white BOPP, sealed and screen printed.

*cordctrl red in its packaging. For more colors click here.

*cordctrls and some special edition *stuffctrls.

*cordctrls in their acrylic retail display boxes (front side)

*cordctrls in their acrylic retail display boxes (back side)